La joie facile

J’ai la joie facile.

J’ai la joie si facile qu’au carnaval municipal je pleure devant des chars en papier crépon parce que tant d’efforts pour embellir la vie ça me bouleverse.

On me dira « c’est pas grand chose » mais les choses ne doivent pas être grandes pour être belles.

J’aime les choses minuscules, qui coûtent plus de coeur que d’argent, que l’on fait avec des mains qui cherchent un sourire.

J’aime les dessins que les enfants collent sur les chars et la perruque disco d’une dame d’un certain âge. J’aime ces gens qui n’ont aucune raison d’être là mais qui le sont pour nous, c’est vraiment « quelque chose » cette offrande de bonheur.

Autour de moi ils sourient peu, applaudissent encore moins. J’ai peur d’un monde qui oublie d’applaudir, j’ai peur des gens qui ne sourient plus. Plus loin à l’Est, les bombes. Chez nous, les confettis. Et ces gens, immobiles, qui oublient de rêver.

Alors j’applaudis. À m’en brûler les paumes, à en mouiller les yeux.
Moi, j’ai la joie facile.

A taste of hope

I love spring.

I love Spring for how it looks. I love Spring for how it smells. I love Spring for its taste of hope. Who’s not hopeful when trees turn pink ?

I love its promise that no matter how things are, there will one day be flowers where yesterday were none.

I love Spring because Canada Geese are back to have fluffy babies and two magpies are building a love nest by my window. They will have babies too. I love Spring because it’s a tribute to life and being alive is worth a celebration.

I love Spring because I can read by the river and watch the sun set on its wavelets. The sun and the moon have been majestic lately, I think they love Spring too.

I love Spring for the bees that you hear drinking the trees’ nectar if you sit in silence under their blooming crown. I love Spring because it takes us away from concrete and dives us straight into Nature.

I love Spring because I can walk, further and longer, until the Moon leads me back home.

I love Spring for the song of the birds I try to recognize, for the smell of the flowers I learn to name, for the awe I feel when knowledge hits.

I love spring for the bats that fly by my window reminding me of a country I miss. There were no bats in Paris but back by the River my soul welcomed them as memories are welcomed. They had always been there.

I love Spring for the butterflies that land on my window in flashes of wonder. I love their color, I love their grace, I love how they live an ephemeral life to its fullest.

I love Spring because soon toads will start singing and I will haunt the night to listen to their calls.

I love Spring because we will walk by the river and follow our dreams matching out beating hearts. I love Spring because minutes before twilight His eyes will softly glow under the setting sun.