The Nights are long but Love is endless

The Nights are long but Love is endless.

The sound of Solitude.
The smell of Paradise.

Identity stripped.
One thing left.

Poetry. )

Why did it take so long to notice only one letter stands between Live and Love ?

Time flies. Identical. Troubled.
But then Essentials spring.
Your moments won’t go wasted.
Happiness revealed.

Who could have known the Life you’ll have to live ?
Bitter as it is.
Wonderful as He makes it.
You even dress in clothes you’ll never wear.
Touching the countless You(s), you’ll never be.
Don’t want to be.
So many things you don’t want anymore.

Harsh silences.
Blank words.

Reality. Anytime.
You can’t work on illusions.
You can’t build on thin air.
You can’t.

(So why do Some try ?)

Love. Anytime.
But True Love.
True Growth.
True Sharing.

Now you know.
You do.

Oh the Nights are long.
But His love is endless.