Time spent wondering

There was a Before.
A time spent wondering. Hours of burning candles and unanswered questions.

« Why » dancing on the walls.
Why can Lies dress as Truths ?
Why do the Words defeat the Actions ?
Why do we choose to Believe ?
(Because Hope is always noble)

There was a Before that still believed, an After that Knows.

(There will always be Those who make you stop believing.
Don’t let them.)

Here is the After when Life turns around and says « No. This is not how it works. So, what do you do ? ».
You wonder some more.
Could this be even better ?
Could your Dreams bow in front of Reality ?
Could Reality be harder but also, at the end of the road, calmer, the color of clear water. Its peaceful sound ?

That’s the thing with Afters. They’re unexpected.
Chances to unlearn and start again.
Only this time, Better.

In tune with your Heart, the rhythm of your Soul.
Both dancing, waltzing, rising above what used to be.
Flying above your former Self.
Unlocking doors you didn’t know were there.
Smiling to People you didn’t hope you’ll meet.

(And look, they’re smiling back.)

Close your eyes.
Trust the After.
You don’t know Better yet.