Feed joy

If two wolves are fighting inside you, the one who wins is the one you feed. So feed hope.

Feed love.
Feed joy.
Feed what keeps you afloat. Feed friendship, and passion, feed kindness and laughter, feed projects, feed dreams. feed curiosity.

Focus on the small flickers of light, on the kind words of a stranger, on everything that’s right. On those who choose to be there. As for those who don’t, let them craft their own journey. Pick their own fights. Feed their own wolves.

Don’t feed anger.
Don’t feed fear.
Don’t you ever feed resentment.
You deserve better than a constant reminder of how disappointing life can be.

That’s Life, she can’t do better.
Forgiver her.
There’s no happiness without falling. No gratitude without knowing, tasting, feeling, that things get hard.

You will be hurt. You will be wronged. You will be so violently let down you’ll hear your heart shatter.

It won’t be fair, it never is.
You deserve better
(We all do.)
So go and grab Better by the hand. And hold it tight.
For yourself, for hope, for love, for a life led by courage.

It takes mountains of courage to face Pain without trying to cause any.
It’s only human to want it.
Fight the urge.
Don’t give in.
Don’t fall into the darkness.
Light is brighter to see.
Warmer to touch.