Something they don’t say about life

There’s something they don’t say about life.

They sell you Love and Romance and Happy Ever Afters. They throw you on a Soulmate Quest and make you think you are not Whole until you’re Two.

But you are.
And they forget to say true love is Friendship.

They don’t say loud enough that your friends will make you laugh and dream and see among the shadows.
They will raise you from the ground, help you put one feet after the other.
Celebrate your victories, accept your failures and foster your growth.
Heal your heart, dry your tears, enlighten your days.
(Your darkest nights too)

They will be the ones who see it all and still remain.
The ones at the beginning, the ones at the end.
Your soul mates.

All hail Friendship.
All hail Love.

Eternal gratitude for the friends I am lucky enough to have.
You are my sunlight.
I love you more than I love books.
(And you all know what that means)