Life in Books

I learned Life in Books.
I learned Love.
I learned Hope.

I learned millions of souls are dreaming millions of dreams as grand as mine. As wonderful. As essential.

I learned loneliness can be conquered by Words. By Books.

I’ve known the pain of Silence.
Mastering thousands of words but not a single right one.
A silent heartbreaking scream.

I’ve known Magic. Spellbound by letters in a mysterious order, mysterious words becoming deliciously clear second by second.
New words.
More words.
Incredible words.
Suddenly the right words.
The right language.

I learned Myself in books.
I learned Others in books.
I learned Pleasure.
I learned Wonder.
I learned Joy.

I traveled with novels, cried with poetry, found consolation in the wisdom of those who learned life before me.
I believed their words.
I believed their dreams.
I believed.

I read.
I forgot pain.
I forgot heartbreak.
I forgot violence.
I read. I will be reading. I will be learning.
Feeling. Hoping. Believing.

In better worlds. In better people.
In magical words for our broken dreams, our betrayed promises, our screaming solitudes.