Moments of Wonder

They say « soon we’ll go faster » faster than ever. We’ll fly faster, ride faster, spend faster. What for ? Why not just take the time to admire that smile that slaps our soul, those eyes that shake our heart ? Be in awe of the wonderful things humans do to each other.

How can a single touch burn our skin ? And yet it does.

It’s not about the greatness. About the speed, about the highs. Not about the excitement. That’s not what we remember. It’s the small things that stick. The tiny gestures, the daily joys. The microscopic moments that put together make minutes and hours and, before we know, a lifetime.

Faster, better, whatever. Who cares when his damp hair smells of verbena ? You don’t want that smell to speed away. You want it to linger, you want stillness, you want to run your fingers through the droplets of water on his neck. « I need to go slower ». Well, together you could fill slowness with beauty. Then the moment dies and you’re left to wonder, why do we want to go faster when there is never enough time for magic ?