Unlimited Happiness

There aren’t many questions I can’t answer. Not because I know everything but because I was born with an uncontrollable urge to talk. So when the excellent Womankind magazine asked a question that shut me up I was nicely surprised.

« If you had all the time in the world what would you do with your time ? Let’s say that everything was taken care of – including domestic chores, and work – and you had every single second of the day to indulge in your own pursuits. Write down at least five activities you’d engage in. »

Womankind Magazine, August 2017

Well I don’t know. Because I grew up in post-communist Romanian where perspectives were limited, I was raised with rational dreams. My dreams are not dreams, they are projects. I don’t yearn for exotic holidays and villas because I don’t yearn for things I can’t afford. So how does one learn to dream beyond the limits ? It took me a while but in the end I settled for five things I’d do if I had all the time in the world :

  1. Write. Books for kids, books for adults, funny books, hopeful books, poetry books, all kind of positive books.
  2. Dance. All the dances in the world, several hours a day, every day of the week until the end of times.
  3. Travel. See all the natural wonders of the world. I’ll walk there, I’ll swim there, I’ll take the train, I’ll ride a horse, I’ll cycle and I’ll boat. I’ll do anything to discover places without harming them.
  4. Create. Thousand of crafts projects. Useful ones, useless ones, hilarious ones.
  5. Help. People feel better about themselves. Make them smile, make them laugh, offer them my crafts, my books, my stories. Teach them the dances I learned, tell them about the places I saw. Do whatever I can to contribute to a kinder, gentler more diverse world.

That should be enough for a lifetime.

Winter 2022